Why township?

Migration between urban and rural areas is seen as a central element in the livelihoods of many households in Bangladesh. This movement of people is an outcome of environmental, economic or demographic crises. The rapid growth of rural-urban migration has been a common feature of developing countries like Bangladesh.

 Bangladesh is witnessing one of the fastest growths in population (around 6% per year) among mega cities in the world. It is undergoing rapid urbanization. Currently, around 29% of the total population of 16 million live in urban areas.

 The density of population in the country with an area of 144,000 sq km is around 1,000 persons/sq km, one of the highest in the world. It is predicted that the population will grow to more than 25 million around the year 2015. The volume of land is diminishing day by day.

 If asked a question, is there any other alternate way other than developing township keeping in  touch with the capital city Dhaka, to get rid of this perennial traffic jam, health menace and other crises which the countrymen can bear any longer,  there is a common answer .....No. In fact, there is no second thought has been explored so far.