Words Of Chairman

Bangladesh has experienced high economic growth accompanied by rapid urbanization. A compromise development is ok; growth is possible as long as it is sustainable. Urban growth resulted in tremendous increase of energy consumption..

 Dhaka Metropolitan city has now been turned into the busiest & densely populated city. Millions of people reside permanently in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh for service, business and other purpose. The dwelling places required for these large number of people are very inadequate.

It is possible to reduce the pressure of population of Dhaka city to a great extent by developing the surrounding area of Dhaka city in a planned way and establishing permanent residential accommodation for these vast population.

 Housing for all is one of the fundamental needs of the people, and government alone can never ensure it. The private sector is a major stakeholder in meeting the people's need. One step is to facilitate the private sector in solving this problem by offering affordable accommodation to city dwellers with their products and services. Swadesh is its best to make Dhaka and adjacent vicinity of the capital city a better place for living with a qualitative changes in peoples convenience, comfort and habitation.

 For Non-Resident Bangladeshis buying a home in their land of birth is a priority.  But to get the priority implemented, this quarter has to overcome a lot of problems due to lack of adequate information on competitive projects, prices, availability locations and most vital point is the absence of interaction between the buyers and the developers. Nevertheless, their hard-earned savings do not always make the best possible investment when it comes to buying a plot in Bangladesh.

The Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) always dream for a destination in our motherland - Bangladesh. Dhaka home.com has pioneered in fulfilling this dream by introducing the real estate sector of Bangladesh to the people living abroad.  It facilitates the NRBs to find, buy and sell their plots of land, apartments, or commercial space according to their desire and ability.

As you know, the Megacity Dhaka is expanding everyday. Respectively, the price of real estate in Dhaka is also on the rise. The real estate market has taken a huge beating abroad while we go through these tough times of recession, whereas in Bangladesh it is still booming. This is the best time to book a dream property, whether it be a plot of land or an apartment, for a safe and profitable investment in our own country

We reaffirm our commitment to our customers, we intend to fulfill our company’s mission statement which is, to provide quality and reliable products at a competitive price, to provide efficient and prompt after sales service at the competitive price, to achieve maximum customs satisfaction by continuous implementation of feedback from customers.

 With all the best wishes to all and let us help your dream come true.


Mujibur Rahman