Detailed Area Plan (DAP) Map

DAP Map - Detailed Area Plan of Dhaka City

Dhaka City the capital of Bangladesh embodies both potential and complexities for its citizens and decision-makers. To steer its evolution in a sustainable and orderly direction, the city has embraced a pivotal asset: the Detailed Area Plan (DAP) Map.

This all-encompassing mapping and planning endeavor seeks to establish a strategic blueprint for urban progression, zoning protocols, and optimized land utilization. Due to the DAP map land price of properties companies like Swadesh Properties Limited are increasing.

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Overview of DAP Map

Overview of DAP Map

The DAP initiative by RAJUK was first introduced in Dhaka during the early 1990s. Its original concept aimed to create comprehensive and advanced blueprints for urban development, focusing on the metropolis and extending from downtown Dhaka.

Spanning from 2016 to 2035, the current DAP plan encompasses an extensive development timeline. It strategically covers key areas, including the trading hub of Narayanganj, the historic Old Dhaka region, and the vibrant Keraniganj district.

Key Components of DAP Map

Key Components of DAP Map for Dhaka City

The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) Map for Dhaka City comprises several key components that collectively contribute to a well-structured and sustainable urban development strategy.

These components include:

  • Land Use Zoning
  • Transportation Networks
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Community Services and Amenities
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Spatial Planning
  • Density Management
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Economic Growth Zones
  • Flood Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
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Purpose of DAP Map

Purpose of DAP Map

RAJUK's vision for the DAP map is multi-faceted:

Creating a Balanced Economic Environment

The plan aims to spur economic growth evenly across different development areas, avoiding concentration in a single region.

Enhancing Infrastructure for Resilience

With planned drainage systems and flood flow protection, selected areas will be fortified against natural challenges.

Systematic and Comprehensive Development

DAP promotes systematic planning encompassing essential elements such as access roads, outdoor spaces, community facilities, transportation, and business areas.

Facilitating Urban Growth

By establishing service centers, the plan paves the way for the city's expansion and evolution.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of DAP Map

The introduction of DAP regulations reshapes the real estate landscape. It presents advantages, such as the availability of reasonably priced flats or apartments in DAP areas.

However, it also poses challenges, affecting landowners, tenants, and developers alike. Landowners may see reduced usable land and limited construction options, leading to potential financial setbacks.

Transformative Influence: How DAP Reshapes the Real Estate Landscape

DAP's introduction has led to price hikes in specified areas and changes in plot sizes and construction allowances. As demand for living spaces continues to rise with the population, real estate businesses find both opportunities and challenges.

While DAP fosters planned growth, it also necessitates adjustments in business strategies to adapt to new regulations and market dynamics.

Leading the Way: Swadesh Properties Impactful Role in Dhaka's Transformation

As Dhaka's landscape undergoes transformation through the DAP initiative, a brighter future awaits. Embrace the opportunity to secure your investment and contribute to a better Bangladesh.

Swadesh Properties Limited, your trusted partner in real estate, stands ready to guide you through this journey toward a more organized, sustainable, and prosperous urban environment. Join us today to be part of this significant effort.

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