Dap Map Special Rules for Housing Companies

The Detailed Area Plan (DAP), which RAJUK proposed and completed in December 2021 and whose summary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina eventually authorized on July 6, 2022. By the year 2035, Dhaka is to be transformed into a livable, modern megacity, according to this master plan that was authorized. DAP Map special rules for housing companies in Dhaka play a crucial role in determining the future of the city and ensuring responsible urban growth.

According to this law, 1528 sq km (590 sq mi) of the area under the jurisdiction of the RAJUK which has been converted into an urban residential zone/residential area by Detailed Area Plan 2022-2035 shall remain unchanged. The DAP is broken down below to assist you in learning more about the new guidelines for the real estate sector. In this blog post, we will discuss the unique guidelines that housing companies must follow when utilizing Dap maps.

The Importance of the Detailed Area Plan (DAP) Map

The DAP Map is a thorough and in-depth urban development plan for Dhaka that aims to promote structured land use and sustainable growth. It acts as a manual for a number of urban planning processes, such as land distribution, infrastructure construction, transportation, and environmental preservation.

The DAP Map's unique regulations must be understood and followed by housing organizations and real estate developers. In order to complete their projects effectively and legally, housing companies must adhere to the norms and specifications outlined in the DAP Map.

DAP Map special rules

Special Rules for Housing Companies in Dhaka

Housing developers working in the Dhaka metropolitan area are subject to the unique regulations laid out in the DAP. These regulations aim to keep the city livable, manage traffic, and create a harmonious balance between residential and commercial areas.

The DAP Map regulations for the housing companies are as follows:

Determination of the Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

Determination of the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) index mentioned in sub-paragraph under heading—

(a) Area-wise FAR-applied land in the population density block in which it is located, as mentioned in the instructions (Annexure 3.6). Note that area-wise FAR 1.5 (minimum FAR) should be considered in all areas where the value of area-wise FAR is less than 1.5 as per the table.

If the existing road adjacent to the plot is a minimum of 4.8 meters then this value shall be considered 2.0” and shall be replaced by the following instructions, Namely:—

“Area-wise FAR-applied land is located in the population density block (Appendix 3.6) corresponding value of isolated and unplanned development (eg: Badda, Demra, Khilkhet, Uttarkhan, Dakshinkhan, Rayerbazar, Savar, Keraniganj, and other similar areas) which are privately owned. Area wise FAR 2.00 shall be applicable where the land has a minimum 3.66 meter-wide existing road in front and base FAR 2.00 or less than 2.00,0.5 FAR incentive shall be applicable to the applicant”.

Dap Map Zoning Regulations

Zoning Regulations

The DAP categorizes various Dhaka neighborhoods according to their intended use, including mixed-use, commercial, industrial, and residential zones. Housing developers must make sure their plans adhere to the specified zoning laws. Residential developments should be built in residential areas, and commercial structures should be built in commercial districts.

Building Height Restrictions

According to clause 3.6.5 of the DAP (2022-2035) the following new instructions shall be inserted, namely:-

“If there is a registered agreement between the land owner and the developer prior to publication of the DAP (2022-2035) in Gazette form, the building in light of the applicable FAR as per the erstwhile DAP (2010-2022) and the Dhaka Metropolitan Building (Construction, Development, Preservation, and Removal) Rules, 2008 Planning Permit and Construction Permit shall be applicable”;

When designing and erecting their residential or commercial buildings, housing corporations are required to adhere to specific height regulations.

Green Space and Playgrounds

As mentioned in Section 3.6.10 of DAP Master Plan (a) Instructions under the heading “Blockwise Development Guidelines” “Open Space: Certain portions of open space shall be reserved for the general public of the area and for the residents of the block;

In the case of block development consisting of small plots, 15% of the designated open space in blocks of 10 katha to 20 katha should be surrendered as parks and playgrounds for the residents and the remaining 15% should be reserved for the residents of the block.

In case of blocks of 20 Katha to 2 acres, 20% of the designated open space shall be dedicated as parks and playgrounds for the residents and the remaining 20% ​​shall be reserved for the residents of the block.

In the case of blocks from 2 acres to 5 acres, 20% of the designated open space shall be dedicated as parks and playgrounds for the residents and the remaining 25% shall be reserved for the residents of the block.

The DAP Map defines certain areas for green spaces, parks, and water bodies in order to safeguard Dhaka's environmental quality. These environmental factors must be taken into account when planning housing constructions, and space must be set aside for sustainable growth and greenery.

Infrastructure Development

The DAP Map offers recommendations for the construction of utilities, transit facilities, and road networks. To make sure that their projects comply with these infrastructural standards, housing businesses must work with the appropriate authorities.

Positive Effects of Following the DAP Map Special Rules

Complying with DAP Map (Detailed Area Plan Map) special rules offers numerous benefits for housing companies and real estate developers in Dhaka:

Legal Obligations

By following DAP Map guidelines, housing developments are guaranteed to operate within the letter and spirit of the law, lowering the possibility of legal issues, project cancellations, or fines.

Community Acceptance

Projects that comply with regulations are more likely to be welcomed by the neighborhood. Better public relations and resident cooperation may result from this beneficial relationship.

Environmental Responsibility

Housing businesses can support sustainable urban development and lessen the environmental effects of their actions by adhering to the environmental guidelines in the DAP Map.

DAP Map Legal Obligations

Sustainable Development

The DAP Map's infrastructure and transportation principles should be followed to promote sustainable growth and improve the overall quality of life in the city.

Urban Aesthetics

The preservation of a beautiful urban landscape and the demand for green space both contribute to a visually appealing metropolis.

Infrastructure Development

Projects become more functional and accessible by collaboration with key authorities to meet infrastructure needs, which ensures access to vital services like roads, utilities, and transportation.

Final Remark

In Dhaka's rapidly growing urban landscape, DAP Map special rules for housing companies play an important role in steering the course of responsible urban development. By abiding by these regulations, housing companies help create a well-planned, eco-friendly, and thriving Dhaka.

Housing companies like Swadesh Properties Limited follow DAP special rules. By doing this, we can significantly influence how this thriving metropolis develops in the future.

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