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Gold vs Land Investment: Where should you invest?

There is an enduring problem faced by Bangladeshi families: Who comes first? Gold vs Land Investment? Land investment may be a safe and sound way to earn substantial returns. It can produce a steady income flow while enhancing your portfolios with remarkable benefits including tax advantages, diversification, and a less hazardous asset selection.

Traditionally, gold has been the most popular choice for Bangladeshis who feel compelled to purchase something precious on a festive occasion. Bangladeshi investors of today are becoming more astute, challenging prevailing wisdom and selecting assets that better align with their short- and long-term financial goals.

In this post, we'll discuss both investment options, delving into their distinctive features, advantages, and drawbacks to empower you to make an informed decision.

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Gold vs Land Comparison

Comparison between Land and Gold Price in Bangladesh

Gold and land are two assets that have historically held great value, but investors frequently struggle with which option to choose. Land prices differ greatly according to location, accessibility, and level of infrastructural development. Prices in urban locations, especially Dhaka, are typically greater than in rural areas. Gold prices are related to the world economy.

Gold prices are dependent upon swings in currency values, economic conditions, and international events. In 2006, the price of gold was around 1600 TK (per gram) and now it is almost 8500 TK (per gram).

The price of land is increasing day by day. A comparative analysis of land prices from 2006 to the present, we can see that currently, the land price has increased almost 1000 times. Land investment is the safest investment so far.

Comparing Gold vs Land Investment

Investing in gold or land is a complex decision that depends on your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and market projections. Whether you choose the proven stability of gold or the physical assets and income potential of land, a wise investing strategy may even combine the best features of both to maximize the unique benefits that each asset class has to offer.

Specification Gold Land Investment
Size of investment The amount you invest will only be determined by your appetite for risk. As little as one gram of gold can be your first purchase. Investing in gold coins or bullion is better than purchasing gold jewelry, as the latter incurs additional manufacturing costs. The quantity of investment in land investment is substantial. Due to the growing demand for limited resources, land prices are rising at an exponential rate. A large down payment is required to purchase a home, necessitating debt financing.
Period of investment One can hold gold for a short while or for a long time. On the other hand, long-term gold investments may yield a larger rate of return. Land investment is the best investment in the long run.
Growth potential Returns fluctuate following the market. When the price of gold fluctuates, so does the investment value. Land investment is one of the best ways to produce predictable monthly revenues in the form of cash. A rental property may need monthly rent payments, with a portion of the proceeds going toward the mortgage.
Liquidity of asset Purchasing and selling gold is a simple process. Gold is an extremely liquid asset that may be cashed in without any formalities at any moment. Land investment offers less liquidity than gold. It can be necessary to sell your property for several months. The lengthy and intricate process is caused by the paperwork and stamp duty involved in selling the property.
Transparency Gold is traded often on the market. Coins and bars of gold have extremely clear prices. The transparency of land investment prices is probably inferior to that of gold prices. In addition, historical data may not be readily available when working with real estate.
Tax benefits Gold is subject to capital gains tax. Furthermore, there is no tax on profit earned on gold deposit certificates. There are several tax benefits to land investment. Depreciation, the mortgage tax deduction, maintenance and repair costs, and legal fees are all factored in when determining the tax.
Gold vs Land Investment

Factors behind influencing the decision

Risk tolerance

Think about your investing objectives and risk tolerance. More cautious investors may be drawn to gold because of its track record of stability, but those looking for long-term growth and income may be more interested in land investments.


A key component of risk management is portfolio diversification. Land and gold combined with other assets might provide for a well-rounded and diverse investment plan.

Economic outlook

Examine the prospects and state of the economy today. Gold may shine during uncertain economic times, while land may appreciate when economic conditions are favorable.

Final remark

Investing in land is a better way to secure your future than any other, for both you and your future generations. You may secure your family's financial future for many years to come by creating an asset that will generate income for the next generation. Purchasing real estate will provide you with tax benefits, and you can make money by renting it out. This can help you pay back the EMI and eventually help you recover your investment in a lot of circumstances.

Investors are urged by Swadesh Properties Limited to take the current state of the economy into account. Uncertainty may bring out the best in gold, and prosperous economies may increase the return on land purchases. Swadesh Properties Limited is a leading player in the Real Estate Industry assisting investors to know about the pros and cons of land investment.

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