RAJUK: Leading the Way to a Planned and Sustainable Dhaka

The Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK), is a key department of the Ministry of Public Works of Bangladesh responsible for coordinating urban development in Dhaka. RAJUK plays a vital role in leading the way to a planned and sustainable Dhaka by preparing and implementing development plans, regulating construction, and providing essential services.

Establishment of RAJUK

The Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK), was established in 1956 as the Dhaka Improvement Trust (DIT). The DIT was responsible for planning and developing the city of Dhaka. In 1987, the DIT was renamed RAJUK, and its jurisdiction was expanded to include the entire Dhaka metropolitan area.

RAJUK Planning

Activities of RAJUK

  • Plan and develop the greater Dhaka region:

    RAJUK is responsible for preparing and implementing city-wide master plans, structure plans, and standards to ensure sustainable urban development. The agency also works to ensure planned growth, proper land use, and infrastructure development.

  • Coordinate development initiatives:

    RAJUK coordinates and moderates the development initiatives of other government agencies and authorities within the greater Dhaka region.

  • Issue construction permits:

    RAJUK issues construction permits for buildings and infrastructure within its jurisdiction.

  • Develop satellite towns:

    RAJUK plans, develops, and manages satellite towns to reduce the housing crisis in the greater Dhaka region.

  • Approve and monitor private development projects:

    RAJUK approves and monitors private residential land development projects and other mega-development projects.

  • Preserve the environment:

    RAJUK preserves environmentally sensitive areas such as waterbodies, forests, green zones, and agricultural lands within its jurisdiction.

  • Enforce development regulations:

    RAJUK takes eviction measures against illegal building constructions and encroachment of wetlands and agricultural areas within its jurisdiction.

  • Other city development activities:

    RAJUK also undertakes other city development activities as directed by the government.

Why RAJUK's Approval Required?

Before building a house and buying a flat everyone should get approval from RAJUK because:

  • Legal compliance:

    Building a house without approval from RAJUK is illegal and can result in fines, demolition, or even imprisonment. Taking approval from RAJUK ensures that your house is built in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Planned development:

    RAJUK's approval process ensures that your house is built in a planned and orderly manner. This means that your house will have access to essential services such as water, sanitation, electricity, and roads. It also means that your house will be located in a safe and secure area.

  • Quality construction:

    RAJUK's approval process includes a review of the construction plans and specifications. This helps to ensure that your house is built with high-quality materials and construction practices.

  • Increased property value:

    A house that has been approved by RAJUK is more likely to have a higher property value. This is because buyers are willing to pay more for a house that is built in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and that has access to essential services.

  • Easier access to loans:

    Banks are more likely to provide loans for houses that have been approved by RAJUK. This is because banks see these houses as being less risky investments.

  • Reduced risk of natural disasters:

    RAJUK's approval process includes a review of the location of the proposed house. This helps to ensure that your house is not built in an area that is at risk of natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, or earthquakes.

  • Peace of mind:

    Knowing that your house has been approved by RAJUK can give you peace of mind. You can be confident that your house is built in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and that it is safe and secure.

How to Get RAJUK's Approval

  • Prepare the necessary documents:

    This includes a copy of your land deed, a site plan, and a building plan. You may also need to provide other documents, such as an environmental impact assessment or a traffic impact assessment, depending on the location and size of your project.

  • Submit your application to RAJUK:

    You can submit your application to the RAJUK office in person or online.

  • Pay the application fee:

    The application fee varies depending on the size and complexity of your project.

  • Get your plans approved:

    RAJUK will review your plans and make sure that they meet all applicable laws and regulations. If your plans are approved, you will receive a building permit.

  • Start construction:

    Once you have received your building permit, you can start construction on your house.

RAJUK Approval

Leading the Way to a Planned and Sustainable Dhaka

The Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) has a significant role in building a planned and sustainable Dhaka. such as-

  • Transportation:

    RAJUK is working to improve Dhaka's transportation system by developing new roads, railways, and metro lines. RAJUK is also working to promote public transportation and non-motorized transportation.

  • Housing:

    RAJUK is working to provide affordable housing for all Dhaka residents. RAJUK is also working to improve the quality of housing in Dhaka by developing new housing projects and upgrading existing housing.

  • Environment:

    RAJUK is working to protect Dhaka's environment by reducing air and water pollution. RAJUK is also working to increase green spaces in Dhaka.

Building Plan in Dhaka City

Final Speech

To ensure your safety, obtain RAJUK’s approval before building a house or buying a flat. Swadesh Properties Ltd prioritizes RAJUK approval for all of its customers. So Swadesh has arranged its plots in accordance with RAJUK's conditions for housing construction.

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