Land for Sale for
                                Hospital & Medical in Dhaka
 Swadesh Properties Limited   Swadesh Properties Limited 

Land Sale for Hospital & Diagnostic Center in Dhaka

Swadesh Properties Limited is your trusted partner to find the ideal land for hospitals & diagnostic center development in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our land is situated in prime locations and provides the perfect foundation for establishing a cutting-edge medical facility.

Capitalize on the region's growing demand for quality healthcare services and partner with Swadesh Properties Limited to transform your vision into a reality that will redefine the healthcare landscape of Dhaka. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity - contact us today.

Our Land Projects

Prime Locations to Establish a Hospital in the Heart of Dhaka

If you are searching for prime locations to establish a hospital or medical facility in the heart of Dhaka, look no further than Swadesh Properties Limited. Whether you require a small plot or a larger area, we have options that cater to various budgets and preferences.

Shornali Abashon

05-minutes drive from Kuril-Bishwaroad

Explore Shornali
Shornali Abashon
Sunvalley Abashon

07-minutes drive from US Embassy

Explore Sunvalley
Sunvalley Abashon
Land for Sale for
                                Hospital in 300 feet, Purbachal

Land for Sale for Hospital Near 300 feet, Purbachal

Experience the epitome of modern living at Shornali Abashon, a prestigious land project developed by Swadesh Properties Limited. Choose from a range of plot sizes that cater to your specific requirements for establishing a hospital & medical establishment.

Join a community that embraces modern living standards, convenience, and a thriving environment. Make Shornali Abashon of Swadesh Properties the foundation for your healthcare vision and unlock limitless possibilities.

Land for Sale for
                                Hospital Near Gulshan & Baridhara

Land for Sale for Hospital Close by Gulshan & Baridhara Area

Elevate your hospital/diagnostic center venture to new heights at Sunvalley Abashon, an exclusive land project by Swadesh Properties Limited. With a diverse range of plot sizes, you can choose the perfect space to serve your needs.

Embrace the perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and growth opportunities that await you in this central location near Gulshan & Baridhara. Unleash your vision at Sunvalley Abashon and be part of a remarkable journey toward redefining excellence in healthcare.

 Prime Locations & Accessibility   Prime Locations & Accessibility 

Attractive Features & Benefits

Over 19 years of experience ensures:

  • Strategic Locations

    Our lands are strategically located in areas with high demand for healthcare services, ensuring a constant flow of patients & potential customers.

  • Infrastructure

    The lands we offer have the necessary infrastructure, such as road access, water supply, electricity & other essential amenities.

  • Zoning and Regulations

    We ensure that the lands are zoned for medical purposes, complying with all local regulations & permits required for establishing a healthcare facility.

  • Proximity to Facilities

    Our lands are selected to be in close proximity to existing healthcare facilities, educational institutions, transportation hubs, and other amenities.

  • Future Development Potential

    We consider lands with potential expansion, allowing you to grow your healthcare facility as needed.

  • Expert Guidance

    Our experienced team provides guidance and support throughout the acquisition process, ensuring you make an informed decision and choose the land that aligns with your vision and goals.

Swadesh Properties Limited providing perfect land
 Acquiring the Perfect Land   Acquiring the Perfect Land 

How Can Swadesh Properties Limited Assist You?

Acquiring the perfect land for your hospital or medical facility in Dhaka requires expertise, market knowledge, and a personalized approach. At Swadesh Properties Limited, we offer the following services and more.

  • Personalized consultation
  • Extensive property listings
  • Site visits and evaluations
  • Market analysis and comparative studies
  • Proper documentation
  • Regulatory compliance and permit assistance
  • Ongoing support and after-sales services

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Land for Sale for Hospital & Medical

What types of land are suitable for hospitals and medical facilities?
Suitable land for hospitals and medical facilities in Dhaka is accessible, adequately sized, complies with zoning and regulations, has necessary infrastructure and utilities, ensures safety and security, and may be located near residential areas and supporting amenities.
What are the key factors to consider when selecting land for a hospital in Dhaka?
The important factors to consider when selecting land for a hospital in Dhaka, include accessibility, size of the land, zoning regulations, infrastructure availability (such as electricity, water supply, and sewage systems), proximity to other healthcare facilities, and compliance with local building codes and regulations.
What are the future growth prospects & demand for hospitals in the heart of Dhaka?
Dhaka's growing population, increasing demand for quality healthcare services, and rapid urbanization indicate positive growth prospects for hospitals in the heart of the city. The need for advanced medical facilities, specialized services, and quality healthcare infrastructure presents opportunities for hospitals to thrive and cater to the healthcare needs of the population.

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